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Wicker Furniture: How to Repair the Damage

High-quality wicker furniture can last for decades when properly cared for, but like all types of furniture, in time it can become worn, damaged and eventually require repair. It is possible to repair the damage without professional assistance, and it really is very easy when using the following easy tips and simple furniture repair tricks. Whether the wicker is woven or wrapped, it can once again look as good as new, and you can repair the damage with very little effort or expense.

Locating Wicker Repair Supplies

In many cases the loose or broken wicker is still caught between the woven strands, but sometimes it is missing. Visit your local woodworking retailer to locate wicker repair supplies, or shop online for wickerwork or basketry supplies to save time and money. In addition to replacement pieces for wicker repair, you will require adhesive, and that adhesive must work well to attach moist strands of material.

QuicktiteTM is one of the best adhesives available to help repair the damage since it will bond damp materials. It dries clear, and a good repair will be virtually invisible. You will find QuicktiteTM where most adhesives are sold, or it can also be located online. Use an adhesive that does not specify that it will bond damp surfaces and the furniture repair might not hold.

Repairing Woven Wicker Furniture

Woven wicker furniture really easy to repair if you have the broken pieces. If you do not have the original pieces, cut new sections about two inches longer than the originals using sharp scissors or wire cutters, and soak them in hot water for approximately 25 minutes to make them pliable and less likely to break during the repair process. Snip off the damaged area if necessary, and once the wet material is bendable, pat it dry. If possible, weave the wicker into place from the back of the furniture, and allow one inch on each side to overlap the rest. Be sure to pull the newly woven pieces taunt in the process, and use a pair of needle nose pliers to make it easier to weave the pieces in and out to match the original pattern. Apply adhesive to the ends, and hold them in place until the glue begins to set. The newly woven longer pieces will shrink and tighten as they dry, and the damage will not be visible after the repair.

Wrapped Wicker Furniture

Wrapped wicker is typically found on the legs of furniture, and it is also easy to repair. If the area that requires repair is still attached, snip it off using scissors or wire cutters. Soak a new section as instructed above, or reuse the broken pieces if they are not damaged. The original wicker still attached to the furniture will be loose, and it must be secured before continuing. Use the recommended adhesive to glue the end into place, and if necessary, use a small brad nail to secure it. Once the replacement wicker has soaked and is pliable, dry it with a cloth, and glue it into place with about one inch of excess material on each side. Further secure the piece with a small brad nail, and snip away the ends once the wicker has dried if they are too long. The finished repair should be flush with the with the original ends, and the furniture will look as good as new.

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